End of Season wrap up of Trophy Presentations and Award Winners

To our Roo’s Family,

Well, there we have it, another season done & dusted – and what a season it was!

Knowing that we were going into the season with great numbers at senior level, and with passionate players & coaches at junior level, the dream was always there to hopefully win a Premiership or 2 this season, but to win 4 was certainly over and above. They are certainly up there with some of the best days of my life, so thank you to all concerned for making our dreams a reality. It is certainly a joy to walk around the Club and see the 2021 Premierships tees on so many people, and the flags tucked away securely in the trophy cabinet.

We have now completed all of the Junior & Senior Presentations, celebrating the achievements of the players, officials and volunteers who help make us the great Club we are. Each presentation was a pleasure to attend, and it really did re-iterate to me just how many quality people we have involved with our Club, and how many passionate and quality players that we have representing us in the red & gold stripes each week.

Although recognised at each lot of awards, I would like to take this final opportunity in 2021 to thank ALL of our amazing “off-field” stars as well. To our volunteers who helped in any way towards making our Presentation days and nights the success they were. From setting up the room, awesome decorating, taking orders, serving, helping, cleaning in the kitchen etc etc – to anyone and everyone who helped out we say a big THANKYOU! Yes, it was a very busy time and most things went to plan, but there’s some things we’ll learn from for next year to make them even bigger & better. From the bar staff to the kitchen crew, who pumped out a huge number of meals over the week and a half, we also say a massive THANKYOU for feeding so many hungry mouths! We couldn’t have done it without you.

I want you all to know that we don’t intend to sit back and rest on our laurels. We’re all about constant improvement so we’re already working on some exciting things behind the scenes on making sure we go into the 2022 as well prepared as possible to do it all again. This includes from the very top with our A-grade teams, right down to our Auskick program.

As I said in a number of the Presentations, YOU guys are our Club’s best “PR” people, so if you have friends looking for a new “family friendly” Club in 2022, a Club that will treat them as a valued player, and not just a number, then get them to touch base with us at any time (P: 0413 285 393), or come out to any of our upcoming info days (details coming in the next week re these). With some fantastic appointments already made for next season, including Darryl Smith as our new Junior Football Director, we’re excited and looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and getting into it, to give ourselves the best chance to build on and sustain our success long into the future.  So I hope to have you all on board again in 2022 and we can enjoy the ride together.

In closing, it’s been an absolute honour and pleasure to be your President again in 2021. I love the fact that we have so many good people in and around our great Club, and I know that we are on the right track for bigger and better things so I implore you all to stick with us and reap the rewards that will continue to come.

We are Morphy Parks, we’re unique, we’re family friendly and we’re inclusive, and I love that! Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Paul Farrelly (Fazz)



The Mixed U12, Girls U13, Girls U17.5 and Boys U17.5 had the counts at their presentation to determine the Best & Fairest & Runners-Up winners in each age group.

As a result, we would like to congratulate the following winners on their outstanding season in 2021:

Mixed U12
Best & Fairest – Cruz Campbell
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Lando Montgomerie
Roos Spirit – Cooper Szigeti
Sportsmanship & Respect – Axl Hastwell
Best Team Player – Will Wise

Girls U13
Best & Fairest – Mia Krueger
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Mia Fordham
Coaches Award – Kate Patterson
Best Team Player – Jessica Wade
Most Improved – Grace Henderson

Girl’s U17.5
Best & Fairest – Tash Allison
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Piper Window
Best Team Player – Scout Sylva-Richardson
Coaches Award – Leilani Stephenson
Most Improved –  Emma Smith

Boy’s U17.5
Best & Fairest – Brett Moriarty
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Sam Jones
Best Team Person – Jack Foy
Coaches Award – Xander Allison
Most Improved –  Samuel Tucker


With the growing squad numbers for both women’s & men’s teams, we again had 2 separate Presentation nights for each.  Both nights were very well attended, and the vibe in the rooms, with 3 Premierships in the cabinet, was fantastic.

Congratulations to our Senior Women & Men of the following awards:

Men’s C Grade
Best & Fairest – Justin Martin
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Curtis Groves & Martin Ruiz
Coaches Award – Marc Blazewicz
Most Consistent Award – Jarrod McDermott
Best Team Man – Harrison Stavrou

Women’s B Grade
Best & Fairest – Claire Aunger
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Jacqueline Schar
Best Team Player – Kaily Buchalka
Coaches Award – Caitlyn Dunstone
Most Improved – Allix Palmer and Maddy Barclay
Best Finals Player – Louise Wood

Men’s B Grade
Best & Fairest – Hayden Cock
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Mitchell Harvey
Most Consistent – Nathan Smyth
Coaches Award – Jed Jenkins
Most Improved – Tom Constale

Women’s A Grade
Best & Fairest – Cass Hartley
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Amelia Rusden
Best Team Player – Grace Smallacombe
Coaches Award – Lindsay Bigg
Most Improved – Madeleine Smith
Best Finals Player – Amelia Rusden

Men’s A Grade
Best & Fairest – Kye Dean
Runner Up Best & Fairest – Nick Hankin
Most Influential – Lewis Lean
Best Team Player – Dane Thompson
Coaches Award – Jacksen Trezise

Club Goal Kicking Award goes to A Grade player Chris Barns with 54 goals.

During the presentations we also gave our 3 x annual Club Awards to the winners of each. After voting for these was tallied up, we had the unique situation of having joint winners for all 3 awards, which was a great reward who put in so much over the past season.

Congratulations to the following people who have been great role models and people who have done above and beyond of what has been expected of them in 2021:

Our Bluey Verrier Award (someone who volunteers or helps the club and is not on a committee or in a regularly paid position)

Congratulations Paul Saunders and Ben Taylor for receiving this Award.

Our Kim Bainbridge Memorial Trophy (for outstanding on and off the field (This could be someone who could be a player, runner, coach, trainer, water boy, team manager, umpire or time keeper that also volunteers to do other things around the club (off the field) and help out where needed).

Congratulations Nick Shanks and Charlotte Dawe for receiving this Award.

Our Best Club Person (as it sounds, someone who goes above and beyond for the club.  Can by anyone from a committee member to someone in a paid position or just someone who volunteers and helps out the club.

Congratulations  Lisa Gascoigne and Brenda Farrelly for receiving this Award.

One “non-official” award we have is the President’s Award. This award is given out at the discretion of the President at the time, to anyone who doesn’t win an “official” award as such, but goes over and beyond what their role entails for the betterment of the football club.     This year it was awarded to Scott McDermott.

We also had a number of players make State Football, SANFL sides & AFLW during the year as have been recognised in previous newsletters of Facebook posts.  Congratulations to those players and we are proud of how you have represented our club. We love to see our players go through the Morphettville Park system and go on to play at the highest level possible. We encourage ALL of our players to strive to do so and are more than happy to welcome them back at every opportunity.

Please keep an eye on emails and Facebook (“like” our page if you haven’t already), so we can keep you up to date with everything that’s happening in and around the place in the off-season.

And remember, we’re open on Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays all across the cricket season (with kitchen & bar open on these nights), so please drop in at any time – we’re an all year round Club so we’d love to see you soon!

And on this, if you happen to be a current, semi-retired or prospective cricketer looking for a Club to have a hit or roll the arm over with during the summer, then why not stick with the Roos! Our Cricket Club is fielding 6 senior (A-E grades) and numerous junior teams this summer, so if the itch is there, then I’m sure they’d love to have you on board. Contact Scott Paterson on 0422 767 732 for more info.