Club Legends

Club Legends

Lance and Shirley

This season signals a very significant milestone for 2 of our greatest club people it is the 40th year that Club legends Shirley & Lance Breavington have been actively involved with the Morphettville Park Sporting Club.

Rarely will a week go by when you walk into the aptly named “Breavington Rooms” and not see Lance still working hard in and around the place, and although Shirley is slowly (and deservedly) winding down from duties this season, she will never be far away in full support of the Mighty Roos.

This is a magnificent effort in anyone’s book, but this feat is even more incredible when you consider that they have achieved all of this whilst living all of the way out at Enfield!!!

There would be very few who actually know all of the amazing achievements these two wonderful people have accumulated over these 40 years, so we have done our best to list these for all to see and appreciate…

– joined Morphettville Park Football Club, elected as President. Held this position for 19 years and then another 3 years in 1987-1989.
– Club delegate to the Glenelg and South Adelaide Districts Football Association to later become  the Southern Metropolitan Football League.
– Awarded Life Membership of the Morphettville Park Sporting Club!
– Awarded Life Membership of the Glenelg and South Adelaide Districts Football Association.
– Held position of President for 3 years and Assistant Secretary for 10 years.
– Delegate to the South Australian National Football Union of which Lance is still an active Member.
– Awarded Life Membership of the South Australian National Football Union.
– Held position of President for 3 years.
– Appointed Metropolitan Zone Councillor to the South Australian Football League Affiliated Leagues Council. Held this position for 3 years.
– Team Manager for the Affiliated Leagues Metropolitan side which defeated The South Australian Country side at Football Park.
– Awarded the S.A.N.F.L.’s Merit Award for outstanding service to Australian Rules Football.
– Elected as Secretary of Morphettville Park Sporting Club, a position which Lance still holds to the present day.
– Appointed Bar Manager of M.P.S.C. and held this position for 9 years.
– Clubrooms named “The Breavington Rooms” in recognition of Lance & Shirley’s outstanding service and contribution to the Club.
– Received the Mayoral Award from the City of Marion for services rendered.
– Received The Australian Sports Medal Award from the Governor General for outstanding service to Australian Rules Football.
– Retired as Secretary and Management Committee Member.
– Foundation Member Women’s Committee (has spent 33 years on this committee)
– Managed canteen for 14 years Washed and ironed A Grade jumpers for 33 years
– Awarded Life Membership of the Morphettville Park Sporting Club.
– Received the Mayoral Award from the City of Marion for services rendered.
Footnote: Makes the best homemade soups for the canteen that you will ever taste!!!!

During the first 19 years as President, Lance also held positions as Team Manager, Time Keeper, Goal Umpire, B’Grade player and unofficial father to a lot of young players. On several occasions Lance would find himself playing in the B Grade, team managing, timekeeping and goal umpiring all on the same day!!!
Shirley & Lance, you are not only true champions as Club Members, you are both, true champions as people. The Club salutes you! Here’s to Lance & Shirley!Brian “Fish” Herreen

Total Games Played 525

Geoff Hardy – 500 Games

Gordon “Gordy” Hay – 400 Games


– Joined Morphettville Park Football Club for Glengowrie High School at 16.
– U/18 Premiers both years.
– Club Man of the Year
– On/Off Field Performance.
– R/Up Club Person of the Year

– Senior debue
– 13 Grand Finals incl 2 Draws – All C Grade
– 5 Premierships 1988/90/93/98/99
– 17 Other Finals 1984-2002
– 3 Losing Grand Finals as coach 84/85 U/16 – 1989 Div III
– Life Membership for Morphettville Park Football Club 1994
– SFL League Life Membership 2000
– 16 years coaching various grades u/14 – seniors
– Formed clubs 1st U/14 side 1996
– Voice for M/Park for formation of Mini’s 1998
– Club now celebrating 10 years Sun Mini’s.
– 20 years on Club Managment Committee
– Team Manager for 15 years C, B, U/15 and U18
– Ran Boundary, Goals, Water, Time Keeper, Marked Oval from 1980-2007
– SFL Club Delegate Juniors 1987-1996
– SFL Club Delegate Seniors 1991-2002
– Played 70% of football in C Grade on Sundays
– Semi retired in 2001 – but throw boots in car every year and fill in when short or players didn’t turn up.
Billy Chester
1996 – 1997
President – 2 years took on the role when the appointed Presidents resigned. .
1987 – 2012
– 25 years on the Management Committee
– Team Manager
– A Grade 1992 -2010
– U18’s 1987 – 1991
– Assistant A Grande 1987 – 1992
– C Grade 1987 – 2007
– Life Membership of Morphettville Park Football Club
Since 1965 Bill Chester has been involved with Morphettville Park. He has been Team Manager for so many games we’ve lost count, sometimes for 2 or 3 Grades in one day.

– He has done Goals, Time Keeper, Interchange, washes jumpers, marks oval, set up club for match days, been an advocate and his support for Junior football is second to none.- Bill has done 2-3 jobs for the same side on many occasions.- Bill is Mr Morphettville Park and is well respected and well known by all clubs.- Starts at the club at 7:30am Saturday morning and works through to late at night cleaning up and working the bar only to get up again the next day to do it all again for Mini’s / C Grade (when we had them) / Women’s League and then would drive up to put in the match results (before they were computerised).

– In short, Bill is a legend.