2021 MPFC Awards

Hi all,

We are asking for your input and would like to invite our members to forward there nominations and a one or two sentence reason for nominations.  Nominations will then be presented to the Executive Committee and voted on next week.

The nominees and winner will be announced at the Presentations the Winners will be attending and also posted on the Clubs Facebook page.

The 3 awards that need to be voted for are:
Best Club Person for 2021

Kim Bainbridge Memorial Trophy for outstanding on and off the field

Bluey Verrier Memorial Shield

The criteria for each award is as followed:

1/ Best Club Person 2021
As it sounds, someone who goes above and beyond for the club. Can be anyone from a committee member to someone in a paid position or just someone who volunteers and helps out the club.

2/ Kim Bainbridge Memorial Trophy for outstanding on and off the field.
This could be someone who could be a player, runner, coach, trainer, water boy, team manager, umpire or time keeper that also volunteers to do other things around the club (off the field) and help out where needed.

3/ Bluey Verrier
Someone who volunteers or helps the club and is not on a committee or in a paid position.

When sending through your nominations please reply to this email and make sure you put your reason for nominating them.

Please reply to this email by 5pm Monday 13th September. No nominations will be considered after this time. All nominations will be kept confidential. Please remember we have a lot of great people working hard for our great club so please respect those who do win these 3 valued awards and if your nomination misses out this time around, then please don’t complain, just re-nominate them again next year if they are again deemed worthy.

Thank you
Executive Committee MPFC